Technological Competencies

Corporate Innovation


Development of mechanisms for the promotion of corporate innovation through proprietary methodologies. The CERTI Foundation offers the client solutions to both stimulate innovative ideas among employees and to evaluate their capacity for implementation, such as innovations in organizational management itself, strategic planning of innovation and in business models.

  • Innovation Planning
  • Programs for ideation and corporate entrepreneurship
  • Support programs for innovation at companies

Strategic Business Analysis

One of CERTI’s main distinctions is a strong orientation towards the market and the generation of business for its clients. It has a staff with multidisciplinary educational backgrounds, which works at the frontier between technology and business, conducting studies and analyses of markets, products and new technologies to support the development of business strategies and support decision making.

  • Analysis of technical, economic and commercial viability of products
  • Establishment of product portfolio
  • Roadmaps of technology, product and market
  • Prospecting of market and technology
  • Benchmarking of products and processes
  • Organization of business observatory for innovation
  • Business model
  • Business plan