Technological Competencies

Innovative Entrepreneurship

Transformation of applied scientific and technological knowledge to innovative businesses, incubators, technology parks and centers, clusters, and other entities, which result in Regional Technological Development.


The SYNAPSE Program is an effective methodology for transforming knowledge into innovation, based on studies conducted at Scientific and Technological Institutions, allowing the knowledge generated by researchers, students, professors and other professionals working at these institutions to result in the creation of new companies (spin offs) or in the transfer of these new technologies to established companies. The methodology is based on pre-incubation processes and interactive tools, allowing the identification and capturing of good ideas of a large group and guiding them so that they become successful enterprises.


These facilities bring together a set of competencies and methodologies for planning, implantation and operation of business incubators and condominiums. They use an accelerated incubation model, which is characterized as a business cooperation program, permanently and effectively evaluating and orienting businesses. They provide diagnostics and programs for training for accelerated development in the five dimensions included in the model (entrepreneurs; organizations, products, capital and markets). The purpose of this program is to create companies with high potential for growth and market value, stimulating new ideas and business skills. This relationship can stimulate regional and social development, expanding the benefits of the model.


CERTI executes projects for the development of Multi-Institutional Complexes – R&D units of Institutions/Companies Governments/Private Companies, Research Groups, NGOS – to promote the generation, application and diffusion of technology, solutions and practices in one or more fields, which stimulate economic and technological development of a given region. In this sense, the centers encompass a Center of Knowledge and Point of Integration; Laboratory of Applications and Practice Environment; Demonstration and Showcase Space for Innovations and a center of Education and Dissemination.


Projects of development, implantation, operation and management of Technology and Innovation Parks with a methodology that uses a series of decision making support tools and conducts an analysis of value, identifying the priority markets and technologies for leveraging regional development through innovation and the promotion and creation of new business – combining technology assets from the region with current and potential economic activities.


This is a set of concepts and methodologies whose objective is to generate positive results in the economic, social and technological fields and in the quality of life of a certain region. The methodological process stimulates the discussions that intensify actions and partnerships between the various development agents: the private sector, governments – at the federal, state and municipal levels – professional organizations and teaching and research institutions, using the mechanisms for stimulation, which are technology, capital, market, information networks and the entrepreneur.